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“Dongguan yongyao Transmission Technology CO.,LTD”

Focus on precision industrial transmission solution to the overall program, pay attention to product quality, the implementation of strict quality control. More to solve customer product selection problems, to ensure that the robot in the course of operation fluency, low noise and high distortion characteristics ...

Hollow rotating platform

High transmission efficiency, high cost performance

Planetary reducer

Suitable for precision drive solutions

Rack and pinion

Smooth transmission, high efficiency, long life

Timing pulley

Factory direct sales, production can be customized

Turbine shaft

Smooth transmission, low noise

Mr xiang 13609670953Hot Product

Hollow rotating platform

Hollow screw platform is a new type of rotary load device. It combines high tran

YAR helical tooth planetary reducer

YAR helical tooth planetary reducer reducer is the use of integrated planet carr

YZR corner planetary reducer

Features1. With Victoria tooth to the structure, can achieve right angle output2

Helical gear

Helical gear drive features1, Good meshing performance The contact line of helic

Worm wheel

Worm gear mechanisms are commonly used to transmit the motions and motions betwe


The rack is a special gear with teeth distributed on the bar. The rack is also d

Timing pulley

Timing pulley advantages:Easy to install and adjust, saving time and labor can s

Worm wheelWorm

Worm gear mechanisms are commonly used to transmit the motions and motions betwe
Factory direct supply-Your best choice

Imported high-precision processing equipment, advanced testing equipment, accurate data, multi-faceted to meet your requirements!

se of fine processing materials to ensure product quality and service life.

Workshop in strict accordance with the production schedule scheduling, according to the workshop equipment and personnel, well-organized production. Production division of labor regardless of home, the production workshop to complete the daily production tasks, and ensure quality.
To provide customers the most efficient energy-saving solutions

To provide the most suitable customer products, customers become a partner on the road to development and loyal consultants to provide high quality products at competitive prices.

Yong Yao technology drive the future

Dongguan City, Yao Yiu Drive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, since the founding of the company uphold the pragmatic and enterprisingThe courage to open up the entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to high-precision gear components drive product development, production and sales, is a modern industry and trad…


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